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Mission Statement

My belief ,and my experience, is that the pursuit of triathlon, or any sport for that matter, is a personal journey. My dream is to take a select few athletes and show them how they can take charge of their lives  and, destiny ,with discipline, dedication and determination. Triathlon is the avenue through which we do this, and the improvement in performance, the realization of your athletic dreams and the increase in self-esteem due to all of these things are the added benefits of this journey! I believe really testing your limits, often getting out of your comfort zone and constantly proving to yourself that you are tougher than you think. My goal is to have every athlete I coach, achieve their  every dream while having fun, and learning about  themselves, every single day. It's not about winning or losing. The greatest reward is the self-satisfaction of pushing one's limits, further and further into the unknown. Exploring what you are made of. It is personal journey to discover what you can achieve, what your limits are, and how to get around them. The persuit of excellence, and your commitment to it, is what matters. My goal for every single athlete is for  them  to become the  best  they can be, through committed hard work, determination, and full belief in thems

Siri Lindley , Misato Takagi


<My Thoughts on Being a Coach>

While I was in Japan a few years ago, I watched Siri on television racing at the ITU World Cup.  She was far behind in the swim of the race; so far, in fact, that many racers would have given up.  Instead, Siri pushed through the swim, hammered on the bike, and burned through the run with intense focus, power, and, above all, passion.  That combination amazed me and carried Siri to a comeback victory.  I knew at that moment Siri was the athlete I wanted to learn from.

Though I couldn’t speak much English and wasn’t among the most elite triathletes, I headed to the U.S. to train with Siri.  She immediately washed away my doubts with her words: “Your dream is my dream, we will make our dreams come true.”

Before long, Siri guided me to the highest level of training and performance in my life.  Her coaching philosophy of combining peak performance with an attitude of enjoyment was both effective and fun.  For Japanese, who tend to be on the serious side, I could see how Siri’s philosophy could be especially meaningful.  Like me, they could reach their full potential as an athlete and thoroughly enjoy their training and performance.  In fact, that enjoyment, as I learned, would be key to bringing out their best.

These insights led to the idea of Team Sirius Japan(Sirius athletes Japan), a triathlon coaching service where I’ll be a bridge between Siri’s philosophy and Japanese(Asian) athletes, many with a traditional Japanese training mindset.  To be a top professional coach, I’m currently working with Siri as an assistant coach as she and I train some of the best triathletes the world.  It’s an intense experience, but joyful.  Everyday I’m building the foundation for bringing out the best within Asian triathletes in terms of performance and, on a deeper level, life attitude.

Team Sirius JAPAN coach / Sirius Athletes LLC assistant coach Misato  TAKKA Takagi

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